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Home News DAP @ Festival delle Passioni, Mantua

DAP @ Festival delle Passioni, Mantua

There are passions that draw us downwards, to unhappiness, that constrain us in a constant state of psychic and physical minority and to depend on external forces. But there are also other passions which are able to regenerate themselves and to turn into active forces, fostering common sense. These passions are happiness, joy, love ...

Would it be possible to "sell" immaterial and intangible values such as passions? The aim of the artistic duo Pommefritz is to distribute to passerbys the positivity of love, joy, admiration and happiness, through a dispenser, called "Passions dispenser".

The link between the immateriality of such passions and the need to have something tangible to touch and look at, to put into the "machinery", materializes by means of photography. In place of the usual products that are sold through vending machines (snacks, beverages, cigarettes), inside it pictures will be placed. Pictures offered to the observer, that take him by the hand to lead him to reflection, by means of an artistic form that increasingly belongs to us: photography.

The language of photography is not the language of the chronicle, but that of poetry, or better still - the language of values. Metaphor, displacement and substitution peculiarly belong to it, forcefully placing it into the world of imaginary. It is an illusion damaging the observer, but a creative technique as well. Its aim is to put down on paper what the photographer feels in order to communicate to whom will look at the picture, the feelings and the emotions provoked in him by a certain subject, more than the existence of this subject on a certain time,.

If strolling through the city of Mantua, you will come upon this dispenser, and insert a coin, you would be able to bring home a 5-photo set of the artistic duo Pommefritz (Max Boschini and Mauro Manuini), divided for kind of "passion". A way to enhance the power of you own actions and improve your mood.

Our "Passions Dispenser" will be installed on the occasion of the Festival delle Passioni, which will take place in Mantua from 2nd to 5th July: an event sponsored by the City of Mantua, entirely organized by ARCI provinciale di Mantova, whose inspiring idea was to create a dialogue through contaminations and confrontations, food and music. The Festival delle Passioni which will be held in the privileged setting of the beautiful squares of the historic city centre, will see four days of music, food& wine and radio performances, whose leitmotiv are five passions, a true occasion for gourmand investigations: Spicy, Meat, Ice, Frying and Sparkling.

Piazza Mantegna, Mantova

Piazza Mantegna, Mantova