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Home News DAP @ MuseoLabirinto, Milan

DAP @ MuseoLabirinto, Milan

Pommefritz collective has been invited to take part into Box Shock, a project by Ronald Lewis Facchinetti, better known as ContainerArt’s art director.

Box Shocks is a network of contemporary art events that will be held throughout the month of October in Milan, Monza and Sesto San Giovanni: four curators, over 40 artists and 70 installations linked through a urban museum-labyrinth mounted in innovative city structures. Box Shock’s curatorial approach opens a new perspective on public and private museology: each work, happening or body concert is conceived for a precise space, an inner place planned and designed to isolate and protect the viewer at the moment of his/her aesthetic contemplation.

After its success at the Mantua Festival delle Passioni, Pommefritz collective will exhibit DAP (Passions Automatic Dispenser) again by placing it in the MuseoLabirinto special events @ Box Up Self Storage [Via San Maurizio al Lambro 1. Sesto San Giovanni – Opening: 17th October from 6 pm].

The beauty containers born with the experience ContainerArt don’t just enter cities’ art places. They also meet and consolidate in an archetypal figure: a cell structure MuseumLabyrinth of Contemporary Art with over 20 installations by artists and designers in order to lose yourself and then meet yourself again through art. Facchinetti and his team of curators transform the interior of Self Storage Box Up in Sesto San Giovanni into a temporary labyrinth of installations which play both the role of Minotaur and that of Ariadne’s thread. Each box has one installation.

For the occasion, a true circus magician will read the photos discharged by DAP (Passions Automatic Dispenser), foreseeing the future of those who would have inserted an Euro into the dispenser. Take advantage and find out what fate has in store for you: don’t miss the opening and buy Pommefritz products!