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Home News Great success for the DAP at MuseoLabirinto

Great success for the DAP at MuseoLabirinto

Great success for the DAP at MuseoLabirinto, within the Box Shock show. Box Shock is a network of contemporary art events which took place in October 2009 in Milan, Monza and Sesto San Giovanni, cured by Ronald Lewis Facchinetti: more than 40 artists and 70 installations linked through a urban museum-labyrinth mounted in innovative cities’ structures. The Mantuan collective’s installation gained an extraordinary success, also thank to the presence of “photo teller” Leonardo Manuini.

The founder of Ipnotica web-site had interpreted the photos continuously pouring out from the DAP for a non-stop 4 hours session, confirming the Pommefritz artistic duo intuition: nowadays society needs "beakfuls" to escape from a sometimes too harsh and bitter reality or to better deal with daily life... Thus, in a world pervaded by uncertainty, thanks to the DAP and the “photo teller”, the photos by the collective Pommefritz and their interpretation can ironically take people by the hands and guide them towards a better future.