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Pommefritz are an artistic duo born in Mantua (Italy) in 2005, Thanks to the intuition of Massimiliano Boschini and Mauro Manuini, the aim of the artists’ coalition has been to create and promote activities focused on photography and art: a group project where the individual contribution adds more to the final result, and therefore gaining more value. It is not a brand-new concept, it draws inspirational lymph from the theories about “the death of the author” which were elaborated in the Sixties until reaching our days in an evolved and modified form. The collective offers a plural identity, behind which many real identities are hiding: what matters is what it is represented, not what is hiding behind. A concept similar to a plate of French fries. Massimiliano Boschini and Mauro Manuini started from this assumption, from which the collective’s name is derived, to synthesize the key theme of their production: interchangeability. As every single French fry differs from the others for little and insignificant details, but to whom eats them their form or weight do not even matter, so Pommefritz collective’s photos could have been indifferently taken by Boschini or by Manuini, with the viewer not noticing.

Information about the Crew

During these years the group has gained visibility and received global acknowledgment. Among the most important are their participation at the Biennial of Arad (Romania, 2005), Hong Kong (2005), Sofia (Bulgaria, 2007), Cuenca (Ecuador, 2007), Madeira (Portugal, 2008), Caserta (Italy, 2008), Ballarat (Australia, 2009) and Liverpool (UK, Independents Biennial, 2010), Castelvetro (Italy, 2011, Biennial of the Absurd). Their works were also shown at the following photo festivals around the world: in the Asian Festival of Photography (Bangladesh, 2006), in the Rome Photography Festival (Italy, 2007), in the Festival de la Luz in Buenos Aires (Argentina, 2010), as well as in many events such as Rintracciarti in Mantua (Italy, 2005), BoxShock in Milan (Italy, 2009), Kunstfestival Begehungen in Chemntiz (Germany, 2011) and Photo-Soup (Mexico-City, 2011). At the same time a fervent activity within art galleries has flourished, thanks to some exhibitions organized by Sellars Project Space in Denver (USA 2008), by Lanterna Magica in Palermo (Italy, 2008), by Infantellina Contemporary in Berlin (Germany, 2008), by Galeria B&B in Bielsko-Biala (Poland, 2009), by Brucie Collection in Kiev (Ukraina, 2011), by Art House in Opava (Czech Rep. 2013) and by Garis and Hahn in New York City (Usa, 2013).


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