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Home Reviews Francesco Giulio Farachi, for the Photography Festival of Rome, edition 2007

Francesco Giulio Farachi, for the Photography Festival of Rome, edition 2007

Pommefritz Collective presents its photos as a representation of the always living and critical relationship between Man (its own existence, living together systems and territory) and Nature which is being transformed, disfigured, adapted by Man’s hands. With their project “Isle of memory” Max Boschini and Mauro Manuini’s photos, as if they would imprison a memory and an emotion, a trace of life and its uncertain survival, linger over the ruins and abandoned farmhouses in the Po Valley. The duo of Italian artists, who have been presenting their works in many events both in Italy and overseas since the year 2000, find these wrecks on their own territory. Wrecks which are permeated by a strong physical presence, by a culture, by a relation system that may seem so far away by now, belonging to a past, which is not paradoxically so distant, but has just been put aside in order to leave room for an invasive, devouring present, able to stun with its pressing rhythms, a follower of despotic models.

As treasures of a no longer inhabited world, decaying farmhouses and buildings are infested by vegetation and negligence. Like ghosts they stand there dotting uncultivated grounds and lost memories. They strive to endure a bit longer, just to tell us about an erasure. Boschini and Manuini let colors and toning emerge, they mark contrasts and contours and then disperse the peripheral view into a sooty depth, into a progressive and ineluctable spreading. Lonely sceneries, surreal and suspended images, these pictures are already more mind’s than eye’s processing, they themselves are the transformation they record.

Francesco Giulio Farachi
Photography Festival of Rome, edition 2007